How to start creating your planning approval application

This tutorial shows you how to start creating your planning approval application.

Usually, the Planning process includes a mandatory "Pre-Consultation" phase before submitting your approval application. However, you will start your planning application in Cloudpermit by selecting "Planning approval" as an application type. Your municipality authority has preconfigured a pre-consultation for each application type. Cloudpermit will inform you about the required pre-consultation after you have selected your category, work type, and work target for your approval application.

After that, you will be directed automatically to the draft pre-consultation request with instructions on how to fill out the request. 

Click "Create a new application" in your "Dashboard."

Give a name for your application and click "Next."

Select "Province" and "Municipality" by using the drop-down menus in the "Location for the application" section. Enter your property's address or a roll number to find your property. You can also click and drag with a mouse on the interactive map with GIS to find your property on the map. Click "Next."

Select "Planning approval."

Select "Project type," "Category," "Work type," and "Work target."

The approval applications usually require a pre-consultation before submitting the approval. Your municipality authority will inform you about it at the bottom of this view:

"Note: This application type requires a pre-consultation before a permit application can be submitted. A pre-consultation request will be created automatically in the next phase." Click "Next."In the "Summary" view, click "Finish & Create."

You will enter your pre-consultation request. Follow the instructions given by your municipality to fill out your pre-consultation request.

See also the pre-consultation-related support articles in the folder "Pre-Consultation."

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