Appeal| Appealing process in Cloudpermit

When the planning application is refused, the council will send the Applicant information on how to appeal. Usually, applicants will have it in writing, at an informal hearing, or via a public inquiry. The most common type of planning appeal is an appeal against the refusal of planning permission. 

Appeals can be lodged in other circumstances, for example, where an application is granted subject to conditions the Applicant considers unreasonable, where the application is not decided within the time allowed, or where there is a dispute between the Applicant and the planning authority regarding whether the Applicant has supplied sufficient information to determine a planning application. 

An appeal can be made after the application has received its decision (or no decision in time). While appeals are usually made outside of Cloudpermit, the Municipal Planning Authority will change the application status to Appealed in Cloudpermit for the period of the appeal tribunals. After the decision, the Municipal Authority will set the application to refused or approved according to the decision. 

  1. Navigate to the More Actions menu in the application and select the Move to appealed option from the drop-down list.
  2. Fill out the required data: 
  • Appeal tribunal
  • Date of appeal
      3. Click Yes.

   4. The approval has the Application Appeals section stating the appeal tribunal and the meeting date.

   5. The Municipal Planning Authority will update the date of the tribunal meeting.

 6. After the decision of the appeal tribunal meeting, the Municipal Planning Authority will update the decision date in the Application Appeals section and either set the application to refused (Set Refused) or approved (Set Approved).


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