How to add, download and delete attachments in the Case Attachments

The Code Enforcement Case workspace contains all the necessary details and functions for a case. Each case allows users to add, download, and delete attachments. This will happen in the Case Attachments section.

This tutorial shows how to add, download and delete case attachments in the Code Enforcement Case workspace.   

  1. Scroll down to the Case Attachments section. Expand the section by clicking Open.
  2. You can add a file or a photo in two ways: by clicking Add a New Attachment+, selecting it from your computer and saving it, OR dragging and dropping a file/photo to the file drop zone.
  3. Add a description for your file/photo, click Add a description on the file/photo.
  4.  Enter the description and click Close. 
  5. The description is added to the selected photo.
  6. To download the file/photo, click the Download icon on the left.
  7. Save the file on your computer for later use.
  8. Click the file's Information icon on the left to delete the file/photo from the case. 
  9. Click Delete attachment.
  10. Click Yes.
  11. The selected photo is now deleted from the case.  


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