How to view and edit your open complaint and related property details

The Complaints and new case view manage the citizen complaints in Cloudpermit. This tutorial shows how to view and edit an open complaint and related property details in this view.

  1. Scroll down to the Results section.
  2. Select the complaint and click on the card.
  3. Select the desired complaint in the open status.
  4. The complaint card opens.
  5. Click Edit to modify the details on the card. 

You can edit the following details on the complaint:

  • Change the category.
  • Rewrite/add a description.
  • Modify the complainant's details, like address and phone number.
  • Select a method of how the complaint has been received.
  • Enable/disable response requested. 

Cloudpermit automatically saves all edits on the complaint. Click Close to return to the previous view. 

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