How to make a new complaint in the Complaints and new cases view

The Complaints and new case view manage the citizen complaints in Cloudpermit. Source of the complaint can be e.g. phone, email, municipal website, word of mouth, Social Media or Cloudpermit public view. If the complaint is received outside of Cloudpermit, the Code Enforcement Officer of the municipality can record that complaint to Cloudpermit. This tutorial shows how that can be done.

  1. Go to the "Complaints and new cases" view.
  2. Search for the property by typing the property address or a roll number/PID/PIN in the search field. Cloudpermit populates with a list of the property matches. Select the property in the list and click "Enter."
  3. After finding your desired property, a new complaint form opens on the right.

  1. Go to the "Select Category" section. Click the category icon to which you want to make your complaint. Your municipality has preconfigured the available category selection.
  2. Fill out the mandatory information in your complaint form (depending on your configuration)
    • Description of the complaint
    • Complainant name
    • Complainant street address
    • Complainant phone number

  1. Select the method of how the complaint has been received. If the complainant wishes to receive a response to the complaint, enable the option "Response requested." Click "Submit."

  1. Success! - You have now made your complaint about the selected property. You can continue to create a new complaint or a case for the complaint by clicking the options "Create Complaint" or "Create Case.

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