How to abandon a complaint

The Complaints and new case view manage the citizen complaints in Cloudpermit. Citizens make complaints about code enforcement violations on properties. They can reach out to the municipal by phone, email, word of mouth, or social media. However, sometimes, a made complaint may not be valid. The Code Enforcement Officer of the municipality validates each complaint and decides on its validity. If the complaint is invalid, it will be abandoned.

This tutorial will teach you how to abandon an invalid complaint in the Complaints and new cases view.

  1. The Complaints and new cases view comprise all complaints. It displays all open complaints on the map and as a list in the Results section by default.
  2. You have two options to abandon the complaint in the Complaints and new cases view.

Option 1

  1. Select the property and click the pin on the map. The complaint card opens on the right. 
  2. Click Abandon.
  3. The selected complaint is now abandoned.

Option 2

  1. Go to the  Results section and select the complaint you wish to abandon. 
  2. Click on the card.
  3. The complaint details card opens.
  4. Click Abandon.
  5. The selected complaint is now abandoned.  
  6. You can search for abandoned complaints by selecting the Abandoned status criteria in the Filter section.
  7.  Cloudpermit displays the data matching the search criteria on the map and under the Results section.

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