Release Notes 2022-04-19

New Features

New UI for managing the configuration

There's a new way of managing the configuration for different application types. Previously all the options were displayed in the UI at the same time which took a lot of space on the screen. Now only the options which are selected are displayed and new options are selected individually.

Different options for Pre-consultation, Application and Work phase have also been placed in separate tabs to so that only the options relevant to each phase are displayed when a tab is being selected.

Pre-Consultation requirements

New options have been added for configuring requirements for Pre-consultation phase. These requirements include e.g. Forms, Attachments or Parties. Managing the requirements for Pre-consultation works identically with managing requirements for Application or Work phase.

Note: Pre-consultation configuration is displayed only if Pre-consultation is set as Optional or Required for at least one Category. Otherwise it is not displayed.

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