Admin|How to enable an invoice PDF generation and edit the invoice template

This tutorial is for administrator users only. 

Cloudpermit provides authorities the ability to manage fees and payments. In this section, you will learn how to enable invoice PDF generation and edit the invoice template. The invoice PDF includes the bill, individual fee items, payer details, and the application in question. The invoice PDF will be automatically generated and placed in the Application workspace from which applicants or payers can download it. The invoice PDF will also be emailed to the Payer.  

  1. Navigate to User Menu at the top of the Cloudpermit Dashboard.
  2. Select Fees.
  3. In the Configure Fees & Settings view, select Other Settings.
  4.  Enable Create an invoice PDF automatically for the confirmed bill and send it via email to the payer. 
  5. Next, you must modify the invoice template. 
  6. Return to User Menu in the Cloudpermit header and select Templates from the drop-down menu.
  7.  Select the Invoice template in the Fees & payments templates section.
  8. Make edits to the invoice template by clicking Edit.
  9.  Once finished, click Close.
  10. Edit the invoice group snippet and invoice item snippet if needed.
  11. Click Preview PDF to view the edited invoice template.
  12. The Preview shows the edited invoice PDF as it views in the appl.

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