Release Notes 2022-03-29

New Features

Invoice PDF's available as downloads and as email attachments

There's now a possibility to enable separate Invoice PDF generation when a bill is being published. Invoice PDF simply outlines the bill and individual fee items with details of the payer and the application in question. PDF will be automatically generated and placed in Cloudpermit Workspace to be downloaded by the Applicant or Payer and it is also sent as an email attachment to the Payer.

In order this to happen automatically, the municipal administrator needs to enable the feature in the Fees configuration under Other settings and modify the Invoice template under Templates configuration if needed.

When this feature is enabled, selecting a Payer for the bill prior to the bill confirmation becomes mandatory for the authority user (excluding Upfront and Deposit bills as the Payer is automatically selected for these). This is because the Payer information must be present in the Invoice when the PDF is being generated.

Workspace address becomes optional information for new applications

Based on the feedback from our customers, Cloudpermit does not require street address of a property any more when creating new application. In most cases nothing changes since the full property address is retrieved from the GIS automatically if it is available there. Only when there's no address available, there is no requirement for the applicant to fill it in. When the address remains missing with application submittal, the municipal user is able to add the address later on during review period. The only mandatory information for the applicant is Roll Number / PID / PIN, which in most cases is also retrieved from the GIS automatically.

 A note for our customers in Ontario, Canada!

Cloudpermit customers in Ontario, Canada still see the address as mandatory information due to MPAC requiring the full address when issued permit is being sent to them. This means that it is not possible to issue a permit for an application which does not have address. Cloudpermit will instruct authority users to fill in the address and only after that permit can be issued.

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