How to complete a circulation process

This tutorial explains how the circulation process is completed for a workspace on Cloudpermit. The circulation feature allows relevant stakeholders to collaborate on workspaces and provide their respective comments. 

  1. Open the workspace 
    1. If you don't have Cloudpermit account setup, you'll receive an email notification when you've been added to an approver group.
    2. When you've setup your account, all subsequent circulation requests will include a link to the workspace.  Otherwise, you can log in directly into Cloudpermit and open the workspace. 
  2. Scroll down to "Circulation"
    1. You can reassign the request if needed
  3. Browse through the workspace
    1. You can look through the attachments, forms, and other important information included in the workspace 
  4. Give the circulation request a result
    1. Scroll back down to the Circulation section and complete the request by giving it a result, any optional comments, and upload any important documents. 
  5. Success! You've now completed the circulation request on Cloudpermit!

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