How to find a review report

During the application review (Step: In Review), the Authority may request additional reviews from other Reviewers for the application. These reviews include CBO (Certified Building Official), application in general, architectural, mechanical plans, and zoning reviews. The Reviewer will perform the requested review, and either request changes for the application or mark the review as completed (Reviewed.)

If changes are requested, the Applicant must complete them because if any requests in the application are incomplete, the application does not proceed to the next step. 

After the review, a review report is generated under Reviews of the application where the Applicant can check the review status and if any changes are required. 

In this section, you will learn how to find the review report in the application.

  1. Scroll down to the Reviews section in the Application workspace. The section includes all reviews made for the application. If changes are requested for the application, the review is in the Changes requested status.
  2. After an Applicant has completed the change request, the application will move to the next step.

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