How to begin and conduct an assigned inspection

Cloudpermit allows authorities to manage assigned inspections in the My today section. It is accessible from the user's Dashboard. The My today view comprises scheduled and in progress inspections. The Inspector can access the selected inspection from the view. In this section, you will learn how to begin and conduct an assigned inspection.

In this section, you will learn how to begin and conduct an assigned inspection.

  1. Navigate to My today from the Dashboard.
  2. Assigned, scheduled inspection requests appear in the Scheduled Events section.
  3. To begin the assigned inspection, click Inspect.
  4. In the Inspection view, click Start New Visit.
  5. Check the General Information.
  6. Check Attachments.
  7. Record deficiencies and remarks in the Deficiencies & Remarks section.
  8. Click Add New Deficiency/Remark+.
  9. Fill out the discovery date.
  10. If it is only a remark, select the check box This is only a remark.
  11. Describe the finding.
  12. Click Add and Close.
  13. The new deficiency/remark is made. The deficiency will fail the inspection. After the deficiency is corrected, a new visit is required to verify the correction. If the notice is a remark, it does not fail the inspection.
  14. If you wish to change the added deficiency to remark, click Edit.
  15. Select the check box Remark? and click Save. After that, you can pass the inspection.
  16. Scroll to Photos and add them to visualize the deficiency/remark on site.
  17. Click the green mark on the left of the image.
  18. Describe the photo in the Description field and click Save.
  19. The uploaded photo with the description is saved in the inspection.
  20.  Scroll to Inspection & Visit Result.
  21. Select the result. If the inspection has a deficiency, you can only fail the inspection.
  22. Enter the time used for the inspection.
  23. Select a reason for the failure.
  24. Click Finish and Close Inspection.
  25. If the inspection is OK (without any recorded deficiencies), select Pass (Substantially completed) from the Result for this visit drop-down menu, enter the time used for the inspection and click Finish and Close Inspection.
  26. Click Yes.
  27. The inspection is completed and the inspection result is automatically generated.
  28. The inspection results are in the All Visits section. The document is a downloadable PDF.
  29. The Applicant will receive an email notification regarding the inspection completed.  The report states if the inspection is passed or failed. The email includes the inspection report PDF that should look similar to the image below.
  30. If the inspection fails, the Applicant must correct the deficiency and request a new visit to the site.

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