How to dispatch an inspection to an available inspector

Cloudpermit provides authorities the ability to manage inspections. The Inspections section in the Dashboard contains a link to the Dispatching view, where an authority with dispatching permissions can monitor and schedule applicants' inspection requests to available Inspectors. Check also that if the inspection request requires any specific qualifications, the selected inspector is qualified for all of them.

In this section, you will learn how to dispatch the inspection request to an available inspector in the Dispatching view.

  1. In the Dispatching view, select the inspection request in the Inspection requests queue.
  2. If the inspection request requires specific qualifications, the selected inspector must have them. The required qualifications are listed under Qualifications required on the inspection request card.
  3. Check the inspector's qualifications by clicking the arrow next to the inspector's name.
  4. The selected inspector must have all the required qualifications on the list. If they do not exist, you can not drag and drop the inspection request to the inspector.
  5. Drag and drop the inspection request to a selected inspector's column.
  6. The inspection request is now in the selected inspector's work queue.

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