How to know if your application has been restored to In Review step

Cloudpermit notifies applicants and other involved parties of the application about important changes and updates on the application via automatically generated email. The email contains a link to the application.

Local government authorities may reject applications for specific reasons during the review. The Applicant and all involved parties to the application will receive an email notification about the rejection.

If the authority has decided to continue with the application, it will be restored to the review step. The Applicant and other involved stakeholders will receive an email notification.

In this section, you will learn how to know if the application has been restored to In Review step. 

  1. You will have an email notification about the application status change from Rejected to In Review.
  2. Click the Open application link to enter the application.
  3. The application is returned to the In Review step. The Authority will continue the application process to the next step 

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