How to perform assigned reviews for applications

After the Applicant has submitted the application in Cloudpermit, the review process begins.

The municipal authority set the application to In Review step. The review includes reviews from other building and planning experts. If a third-party review is needed, the municipal authority will create a review request to the selected Reviewer in Cloudpermit. Cloudpermit sends an email notification to the Reviewer regarding the request. The same notification will appear in the user's Tasks and requests section. 

In this section, you will learn the basic review request process.

  1. After you have received an email regarding the waiting review request, log in to Cloudpermit and find the application.
  2. You will also have a review request in your Tasks and requests section of the Dashboard.
  3. In the Application workspace, scroll down to Reviews.
  4. Select the assigned review and click Begin Review.
  5. After completing the review, select the Review result (Reviewed/Changes requested) from the drop-down menu.
  6. Type the review comment.
  7. Click Save & End.
  8. Click End Review.
  9. The review is completed.
  10. If the application needs changes, select Changes requested for the review result.
  11. Type the comment.
  12. Click Save & End.
  13. Click End Review. 
  14. The Applicant will receive an email notification regarding the change request. After providing the required changes, the Applicant resubmits the application. The municipal authority begins a review and validates the provided changes.

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