How to validate required forms data in submitted applications

Once the Applicant has submitted the application in Cloudpermit, the review process begins. The municipal authority set the application to the "In Review" step. The Applicant has provided the required application data in the Application Data section. The municipal authority will begin the review and validate that the necessary application forms are filled out correctly. If the form is correct, the status is OK. If the form needs changes, the authority sets the form to Changes Required and provides the comment.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to validate the required forms in the submitted application during the review.

  1. In the Application workspace, scroll to Application Data.
  2. Click the selected application form.
  3. If the application form is correct, click OK.
  4. The selected application form is now approved.
  5. If the application form requires changes, click Changes Required.
  6. Type the change request comment and click Save.
  7. The change request is now saved. The Applicant will receive an email notification regarding the change request. After providing the required changes, the municipal authority will review and approve the form (OK).

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