Release Notes 2022-02-15

New Features

Improvements to messaging notifications

This particular item is not a new feature as such but a notable improvement on how notifications for public and private messages are displayed for municipality users. From now on Cloudpermit is more accurate with displaying the "New messages" badge and numbers in the badge. Going forward, if you are a municipality user, you'd expect to see a notification for all unseen direct messages and for unseen public message when you are

  • assigned to the Workspace
  • assigned to a Review which is not completed
  • assigned to an inspection or you have been dispatched an inspection and it is not completed
  • in the CSR user group and there are unfinished reviews or inspections without an assignee

Note! Since this is a significant change, some municipality users might see a radical change in the unseen message counter. It might be higher or lower depending on the rules above.

Attachments: Restrict visibility, Status tags and Action menu

A new functionality for controlling attachment visibility has been added in Cloudpermit. This means that the user who uploads an attachment to Cloudpermit is able to restrict it from being visible to others than the user itself and the municipality users. Municipality users who have a permission to review the application can also control the visibility. Options for visibility selection are:

  • Everyone (default option)
  • Restricted (visible to uploader and municipality only)

Visibility can be selected already when an attachment is being uploaded or afterwards for already uploaded attachments. See screenshots below for more details.

Visibility: Everyone

Visibility: Restricted

At the same we've introduced new status tags for attachments so that it's easier to see if the attachment needs to be addressed. These tags include:

  • New version: Highlighted to the municipality users when a new version is uploaded
  • Changes required: Highlighted to the applicant users when a new version is needed
  • Restricted: Highlighted to the uploader and municipality when visibility is restricted

Examples of the tags are visible in the images above.

Last but not least, there is now an action menu for each attachment where most of the actions for managing the attachment are moved to.

Municipality admin can modify the Permit type description

It is now possible to edit the description of a permit type, which is displayed in the wizard when a new application is being created. Modifications can be done by the municipality admin user. Basic styles for the paragraph and text formatting can be applied.

New Work targets for our CA customers

Following new Work targets were added. Note: these additions apply to Canadian service only!

  • Residential: Carriage house
  • Accessory structures: Sleeping cabin
  • Demolition: Single detached dwelling
  • Miscellaneous: Blasting
  • Temporary structures and uses: Trailer and Miscellaneous

Changes for Legal description requirements

Legal description of a property is not always necessary information for the application. In some provinces it is mandatory such as in Ontario and in some it is not used at all. Because of these variations, we've made following changes:

  • if Legal description is returned from the GIS, it is always displayed for the application
  • if Legal description is not returned from the GIS, it is optional information, not required anymore
    • Exception: it is still required for municipalities in Ontario and municipality user must input it latest when status changes to "Ready to Issue" if the information is not present at that time
    • This applies to both if property data is returned from the GIS and if property details have been filled in manually.
  • empty Legal description can always be inputted manually by the municipality user but it's not visible to applicant if it's empty
  • Legal description is only included in the report exports if it's included in the exported data. Otherwise there's no column for that anymore.

Fixes and improvements

  • Line changes are now taken into account for Review notes. Previously they were disregarded from the text and everything was laid out in just one paragraph.
  • Users in Viewers group were still able to do modifications in few places but those are now fixed and prevented.

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