How to upload attachments to the application and control/change the file visibility

The "Attachments" feature is available in all Cloudpermit products and application types. Your municipality sets the required attachments for each type of application to make sure that only valid applications with the right attachments are sent in. Also, when you upload attachments to your application, you can choose whether to show the attachments to everyone in the workspace or just to yourselves and the authorities in the municipality. 

Even if you attach a file to your application, you may still have to meet other requirements before you can submit it. In the application workspace, the progress bar shows the steps you need to take before submitting the application.

Note: You may remove an uploaded file from your draft application before submitting it. Once you have uploaded a file and submitted your application, you cannot remove the file from the application.

  1. In the application workspace, scroll down to "Attachments."
  2. The required attachments have been listed under the "Required attachments" section. The red color symbol beside the application type denotes that the attachment is required and not uploaded yet. 
  3. You have two options to upload the required attachments:
  • Selecting files from your computer
  • Dragging and dropping files from your local folders to the drag and drop zone in the "Attachments" section.

Option 1: Selecting files from your computer

  1. Click the link "Click here" and select the file from your computer's folders.
  2. Select attachment type from the "Type" drop-down list.
  3. Include a "drawing number" as well as a description. These are optional, but recommended if you plan to upload multiple files of the same type.
  4. Select your file visibility. If you select "Everyone", all users in the workspace can view your attachment. If you select "Restricted", your attachmen is visible only to yourself and municipal authority users.
  5. Click "Done."
  6. Your attachment has been uploaded successfully. Cloudpermit converts all attachments to the archiviable PDF format.

Option 2 Dragging and dropping the file

  1. Select the file from your local folder. Drag and drop the file to the drag and drop zone in the "Attachments" section.
  2. Follow the steps 2 - 5 in the above instruction. 
  3. Your attachment PDF has been uploaded successfully.

Uploading same type of attachments

  1. You can add as many attachments of the same type as you want. In that case, we recommend assigning a number and a description to each of your file.
  2. The attachment type column indicates that you have uploaded three (3) files for the "architectural drawing" type.
  3. Click the down-facing arrow next to the file name to expand the selected attachment section.
  4. You will see the attachment details. You can still change or remove the drawing number and description as needed.

Changing the file visibility

  1. If you want to change the visibility of an attachment from "Everybody" (the default) to "Restricted" after you've uploaded it, select the attachment and click the horizontal dots on the right to expand the drop-down menu. Choose "Restrict visibility" from the drop-down list.  
  2. The attachment's visibility has been changed from "Everyone" to "Restricted."
  3. If you wish to change visibility from  "Restricted" to "Everybody", expand the drop-down menu and select "Remove restriction."
  4. You have removed the restriction and the attachment is visible to all users in the application.

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