Release Notes 2022-01-25

New Features

Ability to add users with view-only access to the applications

Administrator user is now able to invite users outside of their organization who would only get access to view the applications - not modify. This is useful for example when people from legal, financial or other departments and agencies need to access the information but are not allowed to do any changes.

In addition to that, from now on new local government authority users need to have a separate permission to modify applications, projects and workspaces. For all existing users this is enabled by default. This is to ensure permissions are explicitly set for all users.

Separate permit numbers for each permit type

Local governments are already able to use Custom permit numbers and define their own format for that. Now it is possible to extend the numbering and define separate permit number format for each permit type. For example if the custom permit number format is by default LB-2022-1 the number format for Residential building permits could be LB-R-2022-1. Administrator user can also choose to use separate number sequence or follow common numbering sequence.

Generate reporting data in Excel Workbook format

Based on the feedback from our customers, we've added an additional file format for Reporting. In addition to .csv file format, user is able to generate reports also in Excel Workbook format (.xlsx). Excel format is set as default but it can be changed before generating the report.

New Work targets for US customers

Following new Work types and targets were added. Note: these additions apply to US service only!

  • Accessory structures: Lean-to and Pavilion
  • Agricultural building: Pole barn
  • Commercial building: Mini/self storage warehouses
  • Electrical: Generator
  • Signs: Digital sign and Street Graphics
  • Residential building: Clubhouse

Refunds: Receipt template and a Task in Dashboard for CSR's

Sometimes there is a need to apply a refund for the applicants/customers. Refund fee items are managed in the Fees configuration and used same way as "normal" fee items. If a refund fee item is included e.g. in the Permit bill, a refund bill will be generated automatically under two conditions:

  1. Workspace is moved to Finished status
  2. An inspection with an option "Triggers refunds" is completed

When either of those occur, also a task in Dashboard is generated to all users in CSR user group to remind that a refund must happen (outside Cloudpermit).

Second part of the improvement in this release is, that the Administrator user is able to modify the template for the refund receipt. Refund receipt is generated automatically when the Refund bill is confirmed. Cloudpermit automatically uses Refund receipt template when the total amount of the bill is less than zero (0).

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