How to check if the condition has been closed in Conditions and Comments

Cloudpermit allows authorities to add conditions and comments to the application during the review. After the condition or comment is added, it appears in the application's Conditions and Comments section. Usually, the comments are listed under specific topics. Applicants will respond to the comments which the authorities will mark as noted. 

The conditions usually require some action from applicants. After the applicants have provided the correction to the condition, the planning authority sets the condition to Closed. After that, the approval will move to the next step.  

In this section, you will learn how to check if the condition is closed in the Conditions and Comments section of the approval.

  1. Scroll to Conditions and Comments in the Application workspace.
  2.  Click Conditions.
  3. The condition comment is added in the section, and the status is Closed. 

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