How to record inspection results

Local government authorities can conduct inspections on-site or via communication because not all inspection requests require on-site visits.

After the inspection is complete, a local government authority fills out the "Inspection & visit result" form in the Applicant's application.

The "Inspection & visit result" form is in the "Inspections" section of the application.

You must first check off how you have conducted the inspection: On-site or via communication.

Enter any notes you want to be seen only by other municipal users in the "Internal notes" section.

Write notes that you want to be seen by all stakeholders to the application in the "Site conditions" section.

Select the result for a visit from the drop-down menu list.

  • No access to the worksite
  • Inspection not complete
  • Failed (Not substantially complete)
  • Passed (Substantially complete)

Type the time you have used for the visit in the "Time used for this visit (in minutes)" section.

Click "Finish and close inspection."

You have now recorded the inspection result. It will be viewable for all stakeholders within the application.

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