What is the pre-consultation in the building prosess?

Pre-consultation in the building process may save time, money, and resources for applicants wanting to build new and renew or demolish the existing properties since all of the information required to make intelligent investment decisions is provided up-front during the pre-consultation phase.  

When applying for a building permit in Cloudpermit, the service is integrated into your local government's data. Depending on your application type, your local government authorities may have determined that some specific applications must undergo the pre-consultation phase before the building permit process. 

However, you can always voluntarily request a pre-consultation for your project in your application creation phase. 

After the pre-consultation phase in Cloudpermit, you should clearly understand the documentation required to submit an application, the building process, anticipated timelines, potential obstacles that may arise, and find out the application, and building permit fees. 

Additionally, you should have enough information to make a sound judgment regarding your building project and revise your plans with the information provided by the local government authority.  

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