How to issue a permit to a Phased Plan Approval

This tutorial outlines how to issue a permit to a Phased Plan Approval.

Go to the application.
Scroll down to the "Fees & Payments" section.
Once the Applicant has paid the permit bill, confirm it by clicking "Set as paid."
Select the payer from the drop-down menu list.

Confirm the payment method by selecting it from the drop-down menu list.

Click on "Set as paid."
The bill is now confirmed to be paid.
The downloadable receipt is also available.
Scroll down to the "Permits" section.
Click "Create a permit draft."
Select the permit template from the drop-down menu.
Click "Create permit draft."

Choose the "issue date" from the calendar.

When the issue date is not selected, it will default to the current date or the permit fees payment date, whichever is later.
Select the issuer (mandatory) from the drop-down menu.

Enter permit text under "Description of proposed work."
You can also use the pre-configured permit text phrases from the drop-down menus on the right.

Click on "Issue permit."
Click "Yes."
Success - The permit has been issued.

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