How to create and submit supplemental building applications

A supplemental permit is an approved application for a building permit that augments or enhances an existing permit. These permit applications can never exist without a parent permit. The building permit can contain supplemental applications attached to a building permit during the construction project. 

The supplemental permit includes the following categories:

    Alternative Solution

    Partial Occupancy

    Plans Resubmission

    Transfer of Permit. 

The municipality administrator configures the above-mentioned supplemental permit categories in Cloudpermit. The selection may vary according to each application type.

Supplemental building applications will be initiated from the building permit when the project is in the Work and Construction phase in Cloudpermit. Applicants provide the required parties to the application, add plan attachments, sign off and pay on the phased plan approval, and submit to the municipal building authority for further review and approval.

  1. The application is in the Work & Construction step. Click the Work & Construction workspace tab.  
  2. Select the desired supplemental application type from the More Actions drop-down at the top of the workspace header. The selections are dependent on the application type.
  3. Click Yes.
  4. The supplemental application will copy the data from the original building permit application. All related workspaces to the supplemental application are listed under Related Workspaces. Select the application and click the arrow to enter the application workspace. 
  5. Usually, you must fill out the application data under Application Data. Additionally, you can add parties to the application under Parties to the Application and attachments under Attachments. If you wish to delete your supplemental application, navigate to the top of the workspace header and click Delete.
  6. Once all data is in place, sign off on the application and submit it by clicking Submit Application.

The application will move to your municipality's building department. 

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