How to apply for plans resubmission

Your project has a building permit and is in the "Work and Construction" phase. You have made changes to your original plans. As a result, you must apply for a plans resubmission through a supplemental building permit application.

A supplemental permit is an approved building permit application that supplements or improves on an existing permit. These supplemental permit applications cannot exist without a parent permit.

During the "Work and Construction" phase, supplemental applications will be attached to the building permit. You will start creating a supplemental building application to your existing application by selecting the "Apply for plans resubmission" option from the "More Actions" menu in your building application workspace.

  1. Navigate to the "Work & Construction" workspace. The current status of your application is "Permit Issued." From the "More Actions" drop-down list at the top of the workspace header, select "Apply for plans resubmission."
  2. Confirm by choosing "Yes."

The data from your original building permit application has been copied into the draft supplemental application, which is in the "Draft" step.

  • A list of all the current workspaces for the supplemental application can be found under "Related Workspaces."
  • The "Required Tasks" progress bar shows the steps you must complete on the application before submitting it to the municipal building department.

Filling out the application data and signing off on the form

  1. In the example below, the "Required Tasks" progress bar shows that the application form must be filled out. 
  2. Navigate to the "Application Data" section and expand it. Fill out the required form and sign it digitally by clicking the "Sign Off" button.
  3. You have now digitally signed off on your supplemental application.
  4. The "Progress Bar" at the top of the application workspace indicates that you have completed all the application's required actions. 
  5. Navigate to the "Parties to the Application" section if you need to invite any building professionals to collaborate on your application. Click "Add or Invite Party" to fill out the invitation. Read the help article on inviting people to the application here.
  6. You can also upload attachments that you believe will help others understand your building plans under "Attachments." Read the support article for uploading attachments to the application here.
  7. Your application is now ready for submission. You can still remove your supplemental application from the database by clicking "Delete Application." It will be deactivated in the Cloudpermit database.

    Otherwise, press the "Submit Application" button to send it to the municipal building department.

  8. Your supplemental application has been moved to your municipality's building department who will begin reviewing the application.

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