What can you do and access in the project view?

Each application has a project view that summarizes the application's main information. A project view is accessible from the workspace card in the "My dashboard." 

Go to the "Results" in the "My dashboard."

Each workspace card includes a title of the application and a hyperlink to take you to the project view.

Click the "blue application title" once.  
At the top of the project view, there is the property information.

Start creating a new workspace by clicking "Create New Workspace."

Edit the application name by clicking the "pencil" icon next to the title.

Return to your "My dashboard" by clicking "Dashboard."

In the "Applications" section, all the applications within the project are listed, including supplemental applications.

Each application includes a possibility to disable email notifications and enter the Messaging workspace.

The arrow on the right of the application's row takes you to the application workspace.

Filter applications by selecting filtering options from the drop-down menu list on the right.
If your project has inspections, they are listed in the "Inspections" section.
The project view can contain various sections according to the application's or approval's content.

Those may include, for example, outstanding orders, payments, or dependencies. There may also appear a tasks and content update section if the local government authority has imposed any required tasks on the applicant.

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