How to review a Phased Plan Approval request

This tutorial outlines how to review a Phased Plan Approval request.

Go to the application workspace.
Click on "Begin Review."
The review flow is similar to the building permit process.

1. Add a bill to the permit in the "Fees & Payments" section.
See instructions for adding a permit bill to an application.
2. Check the "Attachments" section. If other attachments than those already provided are required, see instructions for adding required attachments to an application.
3. Add review requests in the "Reviews" section. The instructions are here.
4. Create a circulation request in the "Circulation" section. The instructions are here.

Once the review is completed and the application is ready to be issued, click "Ready to issue."
Click "Yes."
Success - The application is now ready to be issued once the Applicant's payment has been acknowledged.

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