What is a Phased Plan Approval?

A phased permit allows you to submit your construction plans for a new building in multiple pieces.

Some states in the US allow Phased Plan Approvals. It means that the building permit can be issued until a particular phase, for example, until foundations and footings and the following phases are applied and approved later. steps

Each later phase needs a separate submission of application and plans, review, and approval/permit. The phased permits are supplemental to the primary building permit, i.e., numbering is a revision of the main building permit.

The Phased Plan Approval will be included in the building permit under the "Work" phase.  Applicants provide

required parties, forms, and attachments to this supplemental approval request. After signing off and paying the Phased Plan Approval, Applicants submit it to the local government authority for further review and permit issuance.


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