How to override GIS attribute translations

This tutorial outlines how to override GIS attribute translations. This instruction applies to SuperAdmins. 

Sign in to Cloudpermit as a SuperAdmin.
Go to the "User Menu" and select "GIS configurations" from the "Admin tools."
In the "GIS configurations" view, scroll down to the "Property/GIS attribute translation mappings" section.

Click "Add mapping+."
Click "Add group +."
Select the desired municipality from the drop-down list.
Confirm it by clicking the below-shown icon next to the row.
The municipality has now been selected.

The "Translation mapping" section indicates how property attributes appear with default UI translations, i.e., how they appear in the municipality's UI.

For example:
The "Primary property ID" is the "Roll number" in the UI.

You can change the selected primary property ID's default translation by overriding it with a new UI attribute.


To do that, go to the "Override in UI as" selection.
Select the new translation for the "Roll number" from the drop-down list.

Click "Save."
The "Roll number" translation has been changed to "PID."
As shown below, the translation "PID" has overridden the "Roll number" in three places in the UI. 
1. In the application workspace. 
2. In the location of the application.
3. In the summary of the application.

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