Release Notes 2021-11-02

New Features and Improvements

New fields in the reporting

We have added new fields for Review start date, Review end date and Finished date available in the following reports: Issued permits and Reviews.

  • Issued permits: In this report Review start includes start date of any first completed review item (e.g. Zoning review). The Review end is the end date of last completed review item. New field for Finished includes time when the Workspace status has been changed to Finished.
  • Reviews: This report includes dates and times for each review item (e.g. Zoning review) when they have started and when last review item has been marked as ended.

New Project type, Categories and Work targets

Following new items have been added to the configuration:

  • New Project type Mixed use has been added (applies to both Canada and US)
  • New Work targets for Miscellaneous Category (applies to Canada only)
    • Site Alteration
    • Excavation
    • Solid Fuel Burning Device
    • Culvert
    • Hoarding
  • New Work targets Part 3 and Part 9 for following Categories (applies to Canada only)
    • Agricultural building
    • Combined use
    • Industrial building
    • Institutional building
  • New Work target for Plumbing Category (applies to US only)
    • Water line
  • New Work targets for Signs Category (applies to US only)
    • Monument sign
    • Wall sign 
    • Other

Note! These new options are disabled by default and municipal admin user must enable them in the configuration before they can be used.

Refund bills are generated automatically for refundable fee items

When refundable fee items are added in the Permit bill and paid within the Permit fees, Cloudpermit now generates automatically a Refund bill for them when certain criteria is met. The Refund bill is generated in the Draft status for the municipality user so that they can check and correct it before confirming. When Refund bill is confirmed, a PDF receipt is automatically generated as well.

Refund bill generation is triggered automatically when

  • user changes the Workspace status to Finished OR
  • user completes an inspection, which has the option "Triggers refunds" checked in the Inspection configuration

Bug fixes

In addition to new improvements and features, we've squashed a pile of bugs for smoothier ride than before.

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