How to apply for plans resubmission

Cloudpermit allows applicants to apply for plans resubmission of the building permit after the construction has started (Step: Construction started).  

Applicants will use the same application for plans resubmission as applied for the permit. Plans resubmission usually includes current and proposed plans of the building, a site plan, a location plan, other details, and specifications of the foundation and structure.

This tutorial explains how to apply for plans resubmission in Cloudpermit.

  1. Select the application to which you want to apply for plans resubmission.
  2. Navigate to the More Actions drop-down menu in the application workspace header.
  3. Select Apply for Plans resubmission.
  4. Click Yes.
  5. The Supplemental building permit application workspace opens.
  6. You can still delete the application if needed by clicking the Delete Application button at the top of the view.
  7. The original application appears under Related Workspaces.
  8. The Required tasks progress bars display the actions you must complete to proceed with the application. For example, the Application Data is missing in this example application.
  9. This supplemental building permit application will have all the same parties as your original application. You can also invite other parties to collaborate on the application in the Parties to the Application section. See instructions in the article on how to invite parties to the application. 
  10. The same as mentioned above applies to the attachments. You can still add more attachments to this supplemental application in the Attachments section. See instructions in the article on how to add attachments and decide the file visibility.
  11. Scroll to Application Data in the supplemental application workspace. Fill out the required forms and click Sign-Off.
  12. Click Submit Application at the top of the supplemental application view.
  13. The plans resubmission application is now successfully submitted to the municipal building authority. 
  14. If you wish to withdraw your supplemental application, click Withdraw Application.
  15. Type a reason for the withdrawal and click Yes.
  16. Municipal authorities will review the withdrawal application and approve it.

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