How to review a Transfer of Permit application

This tutorial outlines how a local government authority reviews a Transfer of Permit application - a supplemental building permit application to an existing one.

Go to the submitted supplemental application.
The related workspaces can be found at the top of the application.

Click on Begin Review.
The review phase contains the same kind of process as the building permit review.
See for more review instructions in the Application Review folder.

In the Application Data section, you can ask for changes to the application if needed.

Click on Need Changes.
Enter a description of the needed changes and click on Save.
The changes request has been saved, and it is also visible to an applicant.

Note that you can not issue the permit before the change request's status has been confirmed to be OK.

After the applicant has provided the required changes, click on OK on the top right.

The changes have now been notified, and the application can be processed further.
Go to the Fees and Payments section and add a permit bill or an additional bill by clicking the desired option.
Follow the instructions in the fees view.
See also instructions for adding a permit bill to an application.
Add reviews and circulation requests if needed.
Once ready, click on Ready to Issue.
Confirm the issuance by clicking Yes.
Success - The application is now in the Ready to Issue status.

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