How to apply for the Transfer of Permit to a new owner or applicant

Cloudpermit allows applicants to transfer the building permit to a new owner. The applicant must apply for it from the municipal building authority. Cloudpermit provides a guided step-by-step process in the same application used for applying for the permit. 

This tutorial explains how to apply for the transfer of a permit to a new owner.

  1. Navigate to the More Actions drop-down at the top right in the Application workspace. 
  2. Select Apply for Transfer of Permit.
  3. Select Yes.
  4.  You have successfully created a draft supplemental building permit (transfer of permit) application. It appears in the Application workspace. The original application is under Related Workspaces.
  5. Scroll to Transfer of Permit.
  6. The Transfer of Permit Approval request contains parties to the application for a permit that will be either transferred to the new applicant or a new owner or removed from the application.
  7. Click the arrow to enter the approval request form.
  8. You must decide whether you grant a new applicant's permission or if you will remain on the original application.
  9. Select "Yes" if you remove a party from the application.
  10. Select "No", this party will remain on the original application if you stay in the application.
  11. Click Sign-Off.
  12. You have now signed off the Transfer of Permit Approval request.
  13. The municipal authority will review the request and include the result in the application.
  14. Click Back to Workspace to enter the Application workspace.
  15. Click Submit Application.
  16. The Transfer of Permit approval application is now submitted.

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