How to apply for the "Transfer of Permit"

Applicants can use Cloudpermit to transfer their building permit to a new owner. Applicants will request a permit transfer by using the original building application. The data from the original application will be copied to the new supplemental application. The original application's data will remain in the application under "Related Workspaces."

The application is in the "Permit Issued" step.

  1. Navigate to the "More Actions" drop-down and select "Apply for Transfer of Permit."
  2. Select "Yes."
  3.  You have now created a draft supplemental building permit application workspace, i.e... a transfer of permit application. 
  4. The new application workspace is in the "Draft" step. The "Required Tasks" progress bar displays the actions you must take before submitting the supplemental application. The original building permit application workspace is accessible under "Related Workspaces."

Filling out the transfer of permit application

  1. The "Required Tasks" progress bar shows you the action you must take. In the example below, the application data must be filled out.
  2. Scroll down to the "Application Data" section and expand it. This section includes forms that you must fill out:
  • Plans Resubmission
  • Transfer of Permit Existing party Approval

3. Click once on the form to enter the form workspace and fill out all required fields.

4. Once you have filled out the form, click "Sign Off" to digitally sign it.

5. You have now signed off on the form.

6. Click next on the Transfer of Permit Approval form to enter the form workspace. On the "Transfer of Permit Approval" form, you can choose whether or not you want to stay on the original application. 

  • Select "Yes" if you remove a party from the application.
  • Select "No, this party will remain on the original application" if you stay in the application.

7. Click "Sign Off."

You have now signed off on the "Transfer of Permit Approval" request.

Return to the application workspace by clicking "Back to Workspace."

Your application is now complete, and it can be submitted to your municipal building department.

The "Transfer of Permit Approval" application has been submitted to your municipality. The status of your application has changed to "Submitted." You can still withdraw your application from the process by clicking "Withdraw Application."

Read the steps for withdrawing the application here.

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