What does a supplemental permit mean?

A supplemental permit means an approved application for a building permit that augments or enhances an existing permit.

Supplemental permit categories contain additional applications required during the construction project to be attached to a building permit. They can never exist without a parent permit.

Examples of supplemental permit processes are Transfer of Permit and Resubmission permits.

A Transfer of Permit means that a building permit may be transferred to a new owner of the property. Authorization to transfer a permit must be provided following the municipality's rules and regulations.

Resubmission of a permit application usually requires submitting a new set of application forms and all relevant plans.

All applicants are entitled to resubmit an application. The resubmitted application also relates to developing the same character or description as the development to which the earlier application is related. Some subsequent resubmissions will require the payment of fees. 

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