How to enable a sign-off form with required roles

Administrators can access the  Cloudpermit configuration from their Dashboard. Navigate to the User Menu in the Cloudpermit header, expand the drop-down menu, and select the desired configuration item from the drop-down list. This tutorial outlines how to enable a sign-off form with required roles for applications.

  1. Select Configuration.
  2.  In the Application configuration view, scroll down to the Required forms, attachments, and review configs section.
  3. Click Building permit to expand the section.
  4.  Scroll down to the Sign Off Form section.
  5. Select the form from the drop-down menu list.
  6. Select roles and declarations for the sign-off form:
    • Application sign-off for an agent
    • Application sign-off for an applicant
    • Application sign-off for a property owner.
  7. Cloudpermit automatically saves your changes.
  8. You have now included a sign-off form for the permit application. 

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