Planning|How to customize comment topic and comment snippets in the draft template

This tutorial outlines how a local government admin can customize the comment topic and comment snippets in the draft template.

Go to the User Menu and expand it.
Select Templates from the list.
You are entering the Permit Templates view.
Go to the Planning Report Templates section and click on Draft Report Templates.
You are entering the Template view.
Scroll down to the Comment Topic Snippet section.
You can customize the topic and comment by clicking the Edit on the right of each section.

Click on Edit on the Comment Topic.

You can customize the titles, and comments fields.
Once done, click on Close on the right of the sections to shrink the views.
Scroll up the view to the Draft Report Template section.
Click on Edit.
In the HTML for Template Printing section that is the default report template, there appear a section for the topic and comments:

<section class="permit-information">

  <h2 class="section-header">Comments</h2>

  <ul class="comments">




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