How to inform contacts from the public notice decission

This tutorial shows how to inform contacts in the contact list about the public notice decision.

When there is public consultation included in the planning application processes, the citizens and organizations who have given comments to the public notice will also receive the decision. Also, citizens can sign up to receive the decision on Cloudpermit even without giving their comments.

When the decision is taken and uploaded to Cloudpermit, the local government user sends the decision to all registered users from the respective workspace.


Go to the Public Notice section in the Application workspace.
Expand it by clicking once on the area.
Go to the Contacts.
There appear to be a few contacts to whom you want to send an email about the decision.

You can select individual contacts from the list by checking them off one by one.
If you want to notify all the contacts in the list, choose Select All. It checks off all the contacts in the list.
After the selection has been made, the Inform Selected option activates.
Click on it.

After being selected, the email notification will be sent to all the selected contacts.
The email sent to all recipients looks like in the image beside.
The email includes a link to download the decision.

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