Planning|How to set up a processing time for required planning forms

This tutorial guides you through setting up processing times for required planning application forms. The superadmin will enable the Time Processing to the local government. After that, the administrator user of the municipality can set up the exact processing times for required application forms according to the municipality policies.

As an administrator user, go to the User Menu and select the option Configuration from the list.
You are entering the Application Configuration view.
Scroll down to the Required Forms, Attachments, and Review Configs section.
There appears a Planning Approval section under it. Click the row to expand the section.
You can set up processing times in days under the Target Times by entering the number of days to each action.
Define also the day's calculation (in business days or calendar days) on the right under Calculation.

Cloudpermit automatically saves the changes.

Success - You have now set up the processing time for the following planning application forms:
  • Deem as Complete
  • Decision
  • Appeal
The local government user sees the due in days on the application's workspace card and in the respective Application workspace.

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