Refusal|How to set the approval application to "Refused"

The Council and Committee meetings will decide if the planning approval will be approved. Sometimes, the planning approval decision may be refused. When the planning application is refused, the council will send the Applicant information on how to appeal. The Municipal Planning Authority will set the approval application to "Refused" in Cloudpermit. The Applicant and all involved parties in the application will be notified via email. The application is in the approval step.

  1. Navigate to the top of the approval workspace. Expand the More Actions drop-down and select Refuse application.
  2. Enter a reason for the refusal and confirm it.
  3. The application has been refused.
  4. The Applicant has been notified via email.
  5. The More Actions drop-down list has options for beginning approval or moving the application to appeal.


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