How to subscribe to public notice information within an application

This tutorial outlines how users can subscribe to public notice information, like upcoming committee and council meetings and decisions within an application. 

Go to the Application workspace and scroll down to the Public Notice section.
Click on the section to expand it.
There appears to be a public notice link that should be active (Published).
If it is not, you can publish it by clicking the switch under Publish Link once.

Next, click the link or scan the QR-code on your mobile phone to enter the subscription view.
In the subscription view, enter your email address and accept the Terms of Service.

Once done, click Subscribe.
The confirmation email has been sent to the provided email address.

Check your mailbox and follow the instructions there.

The confirmation email should look like in the image beside.
After you have confirmed the subscription, you will return to the Public Notice view.

Your email address has been subscribed for updates on the public notice of the respective approval request.

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