Public Notice|How to access property owner's data in Public Notice

This article explains how to find nearby properties and their owners in Public Notice. Cloudpermit supplies buffer zone functionality that finds neighboring properties and their owners within a radius decided by the municipal authority. The default radius is 30 meters. The user can override it with any other values in the "Add properties for Public Notice" view accessible from the Public Notice section in the Application workspace.

The Public Notice feature is available in the application after it enters the Submitted status but is mainly used during the circulation step if the planning project requires it.

  1. Scroll to Public Notice in the Application workspace. 
  2. Click Manage properties.
  3. Adjust the map view by using the toolbar on the right. Click Export Neighbour list if needed.
  4. Change the radius value and click Refresh Neighbourg list.
  5. Click Yes.
  6. The neighboring properties list will be updated under the Map view.
  7. You have a list of property owners. Additionally, you can add them by clicking Add Owners and entering their names with property addresses. 

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