How to add pre-consultation instructions for approval applications

This tutorial tells how to add pre-consultation instructions for planning approval applications. 

Go to the "User Menu" and select "Configuration" from the list. 
Go to the "Planning approval" categories.
Choose an approval application to which you want to add pre-consultation instructions and click the application name to expand it.

In the example, the site plan approval has been selected.

Go to the "Pre-Consultation*" and select the criterion from the drop-down menu list:
  • Optional
  • Required
  • Not applicable

Optional means that applicants can choose whether to request a pre-consultation for approval.

Required means that the pre-consultation is a mandatory process for approval.

Not applicable means that the pre-consultation is not relevant for the selected application.

Check off the checkbox "Only authorities can convert a pre-consultation into an application" if applicable.
Enter instructions for the pre-consultation:

The text formatting tools help you with content writing.
Select various text formatting types from the drop-down menu:
  • Heading 1,2,3
  • Normal, small, large text styles
  • Quote, list, and numbered list.

Additionally, you can use the text formatting styles on the right.

Click "Save."
Success - You have now added pre-consultation instructions to the selected approval application.

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