How to generate reports

This tutorial outlines how to generate reports by using Cloudpermit reporting.

Go to the "User Menu." Select "Reporting" from the drop-down menu list. 

In the "Permits" tab, go to the "Select report and time range" section. 

Begin by selecting between the following permit types:

  • Submitted applications
  • Issued permits
  • Open permits.

Select a time range by clicking the drop-down menu under "Time range":
  • Current month
  • Previous week
  • Year to date
  • Last year
  • Custom.

Begin to check specific permit categories in the "Permit Categories" selection.

Check off items in the "Supplemental building permit" and "Building permit" categories. 

The "Select All" checks off all the items.

The "Deselect All" erases the selection.

In the "Form fields" tab (optional), select a form you want to include data from the drop-down menu.

Select "field" from the drop-down menu list.

Click "Add new field+."

You can add as many forms with fields as you like.

In the "Other optional fields" tab (optional), select optional fields. 

You can use the "Select all" and "Deselect all" buttons.

Sort by "Submitted date" or "Issued date."

"Submitted date" is the date/time when the user has submitted the application.

"Issued date" is the date/time when the permit has been issued.

Click "Generate and download report (CSV)."

Success - You have now created and generated your report in Cloudpermit. 

The report will be downloaded to your computer in a CSV file format.

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