How to create a review request for an approval

This tutorial outlines how to create a review request and add a review comment for an approval request when it is in the Review phase.

Stakeholders can participate in the approval request process in many ways.
Usually, the local government authority requests a review of the subject property from a subject matter expert (SME) who makes the required review for the approval request and its data. After the review is completed, the SME creates a review comment for approval requests.

After the approval request has reached the review phase in the municipality, a local government authority may ask for a review or several reviews from the subject matter experts.

Go to the Reviews section. 

Click on the section row to expand it. 

To add a review request, click on Add a New Request+.
A review request form opens.
Select the Review Type from the drop-down menu. There are two options available:
  • Plans Review
  • Comments Circulation

Select also a reviewer from the Reviewer drop-down menu. 

Enter a description (optional). 

After done, click on Save Review Request.

The request will be emailed to the recipient.

The reviewer will get the notification about the reviewer request in the Tasks and Requests section in the Dashboard.

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