How to configure a "work type" (Addition, Alteration, New, Repair) of each permit category

This tutorial outlines configuring a work type in the "Required Form, Attachments, and Review Configs section in the Application Configuration.

Go to the "User Menu" and click "Configuration."
In the " Application configuration " view, scroll down to the "Required forms, attachments, and review configs" section in the "Application configuration" view.

Click "Building permits." 
Scroll down to the "Category list."

We use "Accessory Structure" as an example.
Click the selected category.

The "Accessory structures" category view opens.
You want to configure the "work type" settings for only "Addition" in the "Accessory structure" applications.

To do so, scroll to the bottom of the "Accessory structures" view.

Select "Addition." Click the row to expand the section.

Any settings you alter here will only apply to the "Addition work type" in "Accessory structure" applications. 

To alter the settings, check on/off the checkboxes of each setting. 


Note that if a specific setting is greyed out (not clickable), it means it is turned on in the "Common configuration" section for building permit applications.

To turn them off, go to the "Common configuration" for building permits, turn them off and save changes there.  

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