How to add a new user to the User Management

This tutorial shows how an administrator user can add a new user to the User Management.

Access the User Management dashboard by opening the User Menu on the top right of the dashboard.
Click on User management on the list.
The user management view opens.
Click on the Add New User button on the right.
In the add a new user form, enter the following:
  • Email of the user
  • First and last names of the user

Select the desired groups of the user. As noted, a user can be a part of one or more groups. For example, a single user can be a Plans Reviewer and a Customer Service Representative (CSR).

  • In the user groups list, check the roles you want to give a user permission to access.

Click Add.

Once you have clicked the Add button, an email sends out to the user´s email address you have inputted.

If the inputted email address does not yet have an account on Cloudpermit, the user will be asked to create an account.

Success - You have now added a new user to your municipality on Cloudpermit. 

  1. Success! You have now added a new user to your municipality on Cloudpermit!

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