What are the user groups in the User management?

The "User management" view can be used to add new inspectors, plans reviewers, administrators, and others to your municipality in Cloudpermit. The previously mentioned are referred to as groups in Cloudpermit. A user can be part of one or more groups. 

Cloudpermit has five (5) user groups.

AdministratorThe Administrator has access to Cloudpermit's' configuration functionalities, features, and all applications.
This person can modify the functionality of Cloudpermit, including adding/deleting new/existing users, changing the working/non-working days and freeze time of the inspections, configuring the application reviews, and several other functionalities of Cloudpermit.
Customer Service Representative (CSR)The Customer Service Representative (CSR) has access to all applications and basic functionalities of Cloudpermit, mostly limited to the intake of applications.
The CSR has access to application intake and existing applications.
However, CSR cannot conduct any official reviews of applications and configure any functionality of Cloudpermit.
DispatcherThe Dispatcher has access to all applications and the Cloudpermit'sC'dispatching module, where inspections are confirmed and scheduled.
InspectorThe Inspector has access to all applications and the "Inspections" functionality, where inspections are conducted and recorded.
Generally, this group is exclusively limited to official building inspectors.
The Inspectors can only configure the inspections component of Cloudpermit.
Plans Reviewer

The Plans Reviewer has access to all Cloudpermit's applications.

The Plans Reviewer conducts the official review(s) of the plans/attachments of each application submitted to Cloudpermit. 

The Plans Reviewer cannot configure any component of Cloudpermit.

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