How to issue an occupancy

This tutorial shows how to issue an occupancy after the Applicant has requested it. The inspector starts a new visit for the project using the occupancy request form. After the inspection is completed and there aren't any failed deficiencies, the inspector will set the project to "occupied." Also, occupancy permits will be generated automatically.

Pick up the occupancy request in the "My today" view.
Click "Inspect" to start the occupancy inspection.
Click "Start new visit." 
Go to the "Inspection & visit results" section.

Fill out the mandatory (*) fields.
In the "Result of this visit" section, select the result:
  • Granted and fully completed (sets the inspection status to Passed)
  • Granted, but outstanding matters
  • Failed
Click "Finnish and close." 

Click "Yes." 

Success - You have granted occupancy to the project.

The Applicant has received an email notification about the completed inspection.

The email includes all reports.

Now, it is time to set the project to "Occupied."

Click "Set as occupied."

Click "Yes."
Success - The project is now "set as occupied."
 The Applicant will receive an email notification about it.

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