How to reopen a passed inspection

This tutorial outlines how inspectors can reopen inspections that have been assigned to them, and it remains in Passed status. The quickest way to do that is to start in the My today view.

In the My today view, go to the Completed visits block and expand it by clicking Open on the right.
Select the passed visit you wish to reopen by clicking View visit
You are entering to the Inspections view.'
Click Reopen inspection on the top right.
Enter a reason for reopening the inspection.
Confirm by clicking Yes.
The reopened inspection shows in the All visits block.
The Start new visit button activates on the top right.
Click the button to start a new visit for the inspection. 
The passed visit appears in the All visits section.

If everything is fine, you can pass the inspection in the Inspections & Visit Results block.

Fill in the following:
  • Select how the inspection has been performed by choosing either On-site or Communication.
  • You can add pre-configured permit texts from the drop-down menus or enter text in the free text fields.
  • Select the result for a visit from the drop-down menu:
    • No access to work-site
    • Inspection not complete
    • Failed
    • Passed
Select Passed.
Once done, click Finnish and close inspection.

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